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Corporate Pass

We are pleased to announce a new corporate program at the St. Marys Country Club which includes an innovative concept for full access to the Club in a low cost, employee benefit enhancement package for your company. We understand the added pressure of increasing employee benefits to attract and retain talented employees in a competitive marketplace and how hard it is to come up with meaningful benefits at an affordable cost to attract new employees as well as retaining your highly talented current employees.

Have you considered what your current benefits package offers and what you can do to expand it? At the St. Marys Country Club, we have developed a Full Access package that we think will make your organization more competitive and provide you with options on how you can reward and attract your most important resource, your people.

Our Full Access package gives your company a specific number of passes that you can pass out to any employee of your company. Examples may range from specific rewards, to added benefits, to incentives but it is up to you to decide how the passes will be managed.

Here is an outline of what the pass covers:

  • Beautiful golf course, heated swimming pool, 2 HAR-TRU clay tennis courts, fine and casual dining
  • Passes are good for employees as well as their families for all amenities except golf (employees only)
  • Passes can be used on an unlimited basis, but the number of employees per day is limited to the number of passes purchased. For example, the 12 pass program would allow up to 12 people to use the facilities on a daily basis for the entire year.
  • The Pass does not cover food, beverage, or cart fees and there are no “Charge Privileges” for the employee.

We have a wide range of pass options available and we are confident that one will fit the needs of your company.

Based on the size of your company, and the number of employees you have, we would be happy to recommend a program appropriate for your organization.

Additionally, we can customize a program to fit the individual needs of your business.

Our Corporate Pass program is an extremely cost-effective addition to your current benefit package. If you consider our 12-pass program, the cost per day per pass is $0.73.

We believe you will not find a more economical enhancement to your benefits package or a more exciting reward for your employees than our Full Access Corporate Pass Program. This program is designed to make your business more competitive and showcase our great Club.

We would be happy to answer any questions that you have concerning this new, exciting program.

In addition to the Corporate Pass program, the St. Marys Country Club offers a wide range of other business services including service for meetings, training seminars, luncheons, sales conferences, as well as corporate and social golf outings.


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